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Rose Bruford College Of Theatre and Performance - BA(HONS) Lighting Design

Rose Bruford's training is rooted in lighting design for theatre, but also explores related lighting disciplines such as corporate events, architecture, and live music. The course develops design skills, and skills as a lighting manager and technician. The course includes studies into:

Lighting design in its wider cultural and artistic context

Light as part of time-based art forms, visual perception and communication

Lighting as an integral part of a performance

Research and analysis of performance and the industry

Story boarding, CAD and Production Paperwork

Working with directors, performers and other designers

Frequent production practice - Lighting Designer & Assistant Designer, Production Electrician, Technical Manager

Research projects, live experiments, installations









While studying at Rose Bruford I chose to take a variety of rolls across the design/technical spectrum rather than focusing on one side.

My Dissertation was about the relationship between Theatre & Religion and involved an experiment to find out how people responded to a service of worship when presented under different design approaches.

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